Rich The Kid Remembers Who Held It Down For Him On His New Single, ‘No More Friends’

Rich The Kid is back and it appears he has everything he needs. On his latest single, “No More Friends,” Rich indulges in his luxuries. He plans to share his wealth with the people who have held it down for him since day one, reiterating that he doesn’t need anyone else in his circle.

“Told mama she raised a flexer / Told my b*tch she rich forever / Back then, I was broke, I was hustlin’ / Now me and the money, we cuddlin’,” he raps, later saying, “All my racks up / Want no more friends.”

In the song’s accompanying video, Rich is seen hanging out with his family and loved ones, who have held it down for him since day one. He is also seen walking through a lavish home and hopping in and out of high-end cars.

In a recent interview with SSENSE, Rich shared how he wants his music to live on.

“You’ve got to live your own life and do your own thing,” he said. “You can be whoever you want to be, just know your influence and know that what you say in your music affects your fans, these teens that are out there supporting you.”

Check out the video”No More Friends” above.