Rick Ross Must Pay $11,000 In Child Support To The Mother Of Three Of His Kids

Rick Ross is a man of means, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t know how to save money. Recently the “Rich Forever” rapper revealed that he even mows his own lawn — despite it being huge — to cut down on monthly expenses. It’s a good thing, too, because he just got hit with a new monthly bill that would have some crying poor. According to TMZ, Ross must pay $11,000 a month to the mother of three of his children, Briana Singleton.

In addition, he also agreed to pay $25,000 for Singleton’s attorney in the dispute, along with health insurance and extracurricular activities, which could add up to around $7,500. He may also be required to add annual payments for up to $3,000 per child. However, with an income listed by TMZ at about $585,000/month, the “biggest boss that you’ve seen thus far” shouldn’t be set back too much.

In any event, at least one of his kids (he has four, three with Singleton) likely won’t be needing it in the future. For his son William’s 16th birthday, Ross signed over one of his Wingstop franchises, making the teen a young boss in his own right. Meanwhile, while the younger William just became eligible to get his driver’s license, the elder one only just got his own, despite owning over 100 cars.