Rick Ross Bought His Son A Wingstop Franchise For His 16th Birthday

Most 16-year-olds want a car or maybe the latest iPhone for their birthday. But not everyone is Rick Ross’ son. The rapper purchased a Wingstop franchise for his son’s 16th birthday, as he revealed in a recent Instagram post. “Everyone wish my son @mmgbigbank HAPPY 16th BIRTHDAY!!!” the rapper wrote in the post’s caption. “Today, he became the owner of his 1st @wingstop franchise. [You’re] now officially a BOSS!!! Keep Going.”

Ross himself is the owner of 25 Wingstop franchises locations. He recently helped them launch Thighstop, which helped the company cope with the recent shortage of chicken wings. The rapper also spoke about his support and growth with the company during an interview with Complex.

“Well, first and foremost, my personal passion for it hasn’t wavered any, over all the years I’ve loved Wingstop,” he said. “You see, I’m still repping it like it’s the first time I had it. And when I eat Wingstop, it’s still like the first time I had it. And on a business side, when I went and sat down with the CEO, Charlie Morrison, he knew I had no experience being a franchisee.”

He added, “He knew I didn’t have the time sitting in a franchise, but he saw my vision and my passion. He opened the doors for me. He didn’t just let me follow my dreams. He let me go to that next level.”