Rick Ross Appeared Overjoyed After A Daring Fan Parachuted Into His Car Show

Over the past weekend, Rick Ross held his annual car show at his Promised Land estate in Fayetteville, Georgia. The event was said to bring in thousands of fans, but not everyone was fortunate enough to secure tickets. In fact, one fan went to extremes to enter the car show.

According to Ross, who posted a video following the event, a fan parachuted into the backyard. While some may have expected Ross to have been angry about the ordeal, he appeared to be delighted.

“The only thing I didn’t like about it is he didn’t tell me what time to expect him jumping out of the g*ddamn plane and landing in my backyard,” Ross said.


He noted that he wanted to see the event take place, but when he arrived to his backyard to see it happen, “they was dragging his ass.”

Ross said that he urged the cops not to press charges or arrest the fan.

The “Aston Martin Music” rapper previously admitted that he had trouble getting the car show to come to fruition. Last month, he noted that he was determined to make the car show happen, despite being denied a permit to host it in his Fayetteville home. He even implied that he may run for mayor of Fayetteville.