Rick Ross Put Lil Wayne And Pusha T On The Same Record Without Their Knowledge

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Lil Wayne and Pusha T have had a longstanding feud for more than a decade, but apparently Rick Ross sees an end in sight. Ross is gearing up to release his sixth installment of “Maybach Music” titled Port of Miami 2, and the record may be a way for the two rivals to bury the hatchet. Ross said he put both Weezy and Pusha T on the record together without their knowledge because he’s hopeful the two can look past their differences for the sake of music.

When asked about Lil Wayne and Pusha T’s rumored features on the album, Ross said he had faith their feud could be put to rest soon. “What I did was I put together a record without either one of them knowing,” the rapper said. “Because I feel like, you know, we will put this behind us one day. The real question, is the time now? And it may not be the time now, we’ll have to see on August 9th.”

Ross further explained his record on an Instagram live story.

“I wanted to make this sh*t special in a different way. Causing some great n*ggas to put what I consider some bullshit behind them. There’s a difference between having differences with n*ggas and wishing death upon n*ggas. We know what this is. To me these some dope ass n*ggas that play football and scored some touchdowns and bumped into each other in the locker room after the game… I wanted this to spark their conversation of putting all that sh*t behind them because these n*ggas is legends.”

As of now, neither Pusha T nor Lil Wayne have commented on the record. Port of Miami 2 is out everywhere 9/9 via Epic Records.