Rihanna Says Being Pregnant Doesn’t Mean No New Music: ‘You’re Still Going To Get Music From Me’

The most notable Rihanna news as of late is that she and ASAP Rocky are now expecting their first child together. For those whose primary interest in Rihanna lies in her musical output, a natural reaction to the pregnancy news is to wonder what sort of impact it will have on her forthcoming album. Well, now Rihanna has addressed that, noting that new music is still on the way.

In a lighthearted and friendly interview with ET’s Rachel Smith from over the weekend, Smith asked Rihanna about her “other baby” (the upcoming album) and wondered if pregnancy and motherhood will inspire new music. Rihanna responded, “Oh gosh. You can’t ever… You know, this is why my fans love you, you know, because you ask all the good questions. Well… yes, you’re still going to get music from me.” Smith suggested a lullaby could be on the way and Rihanna replied, “Oh my goodness, not a lullaby. My fans would kill me if they waited this long for a lullaby.”

She also spoke about how her pregnancy has been so far, saying, “It’s all an exciting journey so far. I’m just taking it as it comes every week. There’s always something new and I’m just taking it and I’m enjoying it.” Rocky also told ET, “I’m just excited for what I don’t know yet. Everything is new to me. So, I’m excited.”