Rihanna Opens Up About Her Pregnancy And Shares How Makeup And Fashion Have Helped Her

A few weeks after Rihanna and ASAP Rocky revealed that they were expecting their first child, Rihanna is opening up about her pregnancy. The singer was seen on the red carpet for the first time since the announcement during the Fenty Beauty Universe event on Friday night. In a conversation with People, Rihanna spoke about the “challenge” of not letting her personal fashion style go away because of her pregnancy. “I like it. I’m enjoying it,” she said.

“I’m enjoying not having to worry about covering up my tummy,” she added. “If I feel a little chubby, it’s like, whatever! It’s a baby!” Rihanna also detailed how fashion and makeup have helped to keep her confidence high through her pregnancy. “Right now, being pregnant, some days you just feel like, ‘Ugh, I just want to lay here on this couch all day.’ But when you put on a little face and a little lipstick, you transform,” she said. “You put some clothes on, and it’s like, when you look good, you feel good. I’ve heard that for a very long time, but it’s true. It really can get you up off that couch and make you feel like a bad b*tch.”

Rihanna’s comments come after she shared a new picture of her baby bump to kick off Black History Month. Her father also chimed in about her pregnancy, saying he’s “ecstatic” about the news and hopes that she has a girl.