Saweetie Once Removed Her Tongue Piercing After A Few Days Just So She Could Eat A Cheeseburger

Along with her viral music, Saweetie is known for cooking up some head-scratching food combinations like oysters and instant ramen or spaghetti and ranch dressing. The rapper is not shy about her tastes and oftentimes posts her concoctions right to Instagram and Twitter. Now, she recalls the time she removed a fresh tongue piercing because she was craving a burger.

Saweetie sat down with Twitter for a #BehindTheTweets segment where she explained the story behind some of her most memorable tweets. One tweet in particular touched on a time she pierced her tongue junior year in college. “Unfortunately, my tongue was swollen and I couldn’t eat,” she said. “And you know your girl loves to eat. So I remember I thugged it out for like a week and was eating nothing but soup. But then one day I was just really craving a cheeseburger so I popped it out so I could eat my cheeseburger.”

Elsewhere in the video, Saweetie explains how odd it feels to log onto social media to see her name trending. “You know that photo from SpongeBob that’s just like, you walk in and then you walk out? I don’t know. Sometimes I’m just minding my business and then I log on and then I’m trending for some odd reason. Peole are talking sh*t. Sometimes I’m just like, ‘Y’all weird.'”

Watch Saweetie’s #BehindTheTweets segment above.

Saweetie is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.