Fans Are Playfully Roasting Saweetie’s Choice To Put Ranch Dressing On Her Spaghetti

Saweetie has oftentimes showcased her unique ability to make unconventional concoctions with food. Back in June, the singer constructed a monstrous burger made out what looked like two McDonald’s cheeseburgers and a handful of fries, which fans jokingly labeled the “McGangBang.” But Saweetie is once again trending after she decided that the perfect topping for her plate of spaghetti was… ranch dressing.

On Sunday night, Saweetie’s stylist posted a video of her hair and makeup. The short clip went viral shortly after it was posted, but not because of the rapper’s glam. Instead, fans could not get over the fact that she was seen dousing her plate of spaghetti with ranch dressing.

Fans were quick to playfully drag the singer for her unique food combinations. “Saweetie’s stomach refuses to fight back,” one person wrote on Twitter.

Some fans were comparing her ranch/spaghetti combo to a prison meal.

Others were just plain confused by her ability to throw together seemingly random flavors.

However, Saweetie isn’t phased by people dragging her food tastes. “That actually sounds delicious,” she responded to one of her followers attempting to slight her food tastes.

Watch Saweetie pour ranch dressing on her spaghetti above.

Saweetie is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.