Saweetie Has Plans To Release Not Just One, But Two Projects By The End Of 2022

Saweetie get personal in a recent interview with Rolling Stone, opening up about her breakup with Migos rapper Quavo, meditation, and her upcoming projects — The Single Life and Pretty B*tch Music, which are expected to debut before the end of the year.

The California rapper revealed that both projects will trek though her journey with heartbreak, bouncing back, and reclaiming her single womanhood.

“I’m excited to share what I went through,” Saweetie told RS. “I think as I was making it, I was more proud to be single. Because I realized that I was growing, I realized that I was elevating. And I realized that I was becoming a better woman.”

Later, Saweetie shared how meditation has been the “antidote to her heartbreak,” helping her find inner peace amid the storm. “If you can’t be by yourself, I think it’s a reflection of how you feel internally,” she said.

Currently, there are no release dates for The Single Life or Pretty Bitch Music, but Saweetie wants fans to know they won’t have to wait much longer.

“She’s coming,” Saweetie said in regards to PBM. “She’s still in the womb, I haven’t popped her out. I want to thank my fans for patiently waiting. It’s been a year. It’s been a while. I’ve been recording officially for a year, non-stop.”