Schoolboy Q Says Playing Golf Helped Him Learn About Himself About As A Person

Over the last few years, Schoolboy Q has grown to love the game of golf. It’s something he spoke about heavily during the release of his fifth album, Crash Talk. Back in 2020, he appeared in a trailer for the game PGA Tour 2K21 alongside WWE Superstar The Miz, PGA Tour cover athlete Justin Thomas, and Christopher McDonald (aka Shooter McGavin from the Adam Sandler comedy Happy Gilmore). Fast forward to the present and Schoolboy Q has been enjoying his time as a participant in the 2022 AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am in California. During his time there, the rapper was asked how golf has impacted him.

“Coming where I come from, the life that I had, I never thought about playing golf, and I got into it and it changed my mental,” he said. “It let me learn myself as a person, like this is why certain things in my life are going bad or why certain things are going good because of the attitude thing, you get what I’m saying? It fixed my attitude in life, it fixed a lot of things about me in life.”

Schoolboy added, “Life is a golf game — some good shots, some bad shots. But most importantly, keep going you never know. Don’t give up because you’re in the sand on your fourth shot, you might chip it in. It just taught me a lot about life.”

You can watch Schoolboy Q speak about his connection to golf in the video above.