Schoolboy Q’s Golf Dreams Come True In The Trailer For ‘PGA Tour 2K21’

For all the rappers who fancy themselves basketball players, there’s one who has been taking the road less traveled by his lyrical brethren. Schoolboy Q picked up golf on a bet a few years ago and he’s been a self-described addict of the sport ever since. However, because it’s a less-popular sport among the hip-hop demographic (there’s a lot of old, white guys in the pros), he hasn’t always had the best luck finding four to play with — until now.

Schoolboy’s golf dreams have come true courtesy of PGA Tour 2K21, this year’s addition to 2K Sports’ golf simulation video game. Q appears in the official ad for the game, playing online against WWE Superstar The Miz, PGA Tour cover athlete Justin Thomas, and Christopher McDonald — aka “everyone’s favorite golf villain” Shooter McGavin from Adam Sandler’s Happy Gilmore.

The ad sees the four trading tees in the game, with Q producing a yellow pro jacket he says he got at a thrift store (seriously, watch Happy Gilmore, it’s great), and McDonald experiencing a fit of gaming rage as he clearly falls behind while his three opponents celebrate their birdies, eagles, and holes in one.

Watch Schoolboy Q in the trailer for PGA Tour 2K21 above, and get the game when it arrives this Friday, August 21.