Scooter Braun Says The Kid Laroi’s ‘Last Mistake’ TikTok Was A Just A Prank

The Kid Laroi recently posted a TikTok that seemingly took some shots at his ex-manager Scooter Braun. The video, which is captioned “show me ur last mistake. use this sound,” was used to promote his upcoming song “Thousand Miles.” The song features the following lyrics: “Here goes another mistake I know I’m gonna make / I know I’m gonna make tonight / And I will never change.” As those play, pictures of Scooter Braun flash on the screen, leaving many to believe that Laroi was calling him his “last mistake.” However, it turns out it was nothing more than a prank.

Just a day after Laroi shared the TikTok, Braun took to his Instagram to reveal that the whole was planned. “You got a sec to talk?” Laroi texts Braun in the screenshots. “I have an idea I wanna run past you.” Braun added a message of his own about the situation, writing, “For those asking about the beef…and my friends who are wanting to go hard. Don’t believe everything you see on the internet.”

Laroi’s upcoming single, “Thousand Miles,” will arrive on April 22. It’s set to be the follow-up to “Stay,” his single with Justin Bieber which has spent multiple weeks at No. 1.

You can view the screenshots from Braun in the post above.