Stephen Colbert Got To Sing One Of His Favorite Songs With Jack Johnson, And He Was Thrilled

Stephen Colbert is a well-documented music fan, and he’s used his position of power as host of The Late Show to make some of his dreams come true. More specifically, he’s given himself opportunities to have intimate experiences with some of his favorite songs: In 2016, he joined Violent Femmes to perform “Blister In The Sun.” Last month, he got MGMT to play “Electric Feel” on the show because of his longstanding relationship with the song, dating back to his The Colbert Report days. Last night, he continued checking items off his musical bucket list when Jack Johnson was the night’s musical guest.

“Folks, this is the best job in the world, because I got what I wanted,” Colbert said while sitting on stage next to Johnson and introducing him. “Now, with a special performance of one of my favorite songs of his, ‘Sleep Through The Static,’ ladies and gentlemen, Jack Johnson.”

The title track from 2008’s Sleep Through The Static had never been performed on network television before last night, when Colbert and Johnson performed the song as a duet, and both of them looked beyond happy to be doing it. They even got a standing ovation, which was surely a gratifying moment for Colbert.

Watch the performance above. Johnson also performed “Big Sur,” the most recent single from his 2017 album All the Light Above It Too, so check that out below.