Lakeith Stanfield Voids His Phone’s Warranty In SZA’s ‘I Hate U’ Visualizer

With the third season premiere of FX’s hit show Atlanta set for next March, fans face an agonizingly long wait to find out what happens to our guys Earn, Alfred, and Darius. Until then, though, they’re filling the days with a vast array of fascinating projects. Brian Tyree Henry, who plays Al — aka Paper Boi — just made his debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as The Eternals‘ Phastos and is currently on post-production for the Fox animated comedy Housebroken, while Donald Glover, the show’s creator and star as Earn, is finishing up his TV series remake of spy rom-com Mr. & Mrs. Smith.

Meanwhile, Lakeith Stanfield, the mysterious and off-beat Darius, is coming off a thrilling turn as cowboy Cherokee Bill in the Western fantasy The Harder They Fall. He’s also fond of doing surprise side projects like popping up in the visualizer for SZA’s new hit single, “I Hate U,” which dropped today, three weeks after the song broke an Apple Music streaming record. In the clip, Lakeith is the poor fella on the receiving end of SZA’s wrath, arguing with her over the phone while standing alone on a windswept bluff overlooking a stormy beach. When he receives the final, relationship-ending text, he’s overcome with the loss and chucks his iPhone in the ocean — which is something I don’t think Apple Care covers. The video closes with the cryptic message “Not the end,” which SZA fans are sure to interpret as a signal that the long-awaited follow-up to her acclaimed debut album CTRL is on the way.

You can watch the visualizer above.