Taylor Swift Travels The World With Ed Sheeran And Future In Her Glamorous ‘End Game’ Video

When Taylor Swift previewed her “End Game” video yesterday, she teased big settings, actual appearances from song collaborators Ed Sheeran and Future, and an overall larger than life feel. Now, the video is out, and that’s all been confirmed.

In the Joseph Kahn-directed clip, Swift travels the world, doing a ton of different things in a ton of different places. She spends time on a yacht and drives fancy cars at night with Future in Miami, watches fireworks on the beach, grabs drinks and plays a dancing arcade game with Sheeran in a lit-up Tokyo, rides motorcycles, enjoys a lively house party in London, rides a double-decker bus, and does other things that you might imagine people with Swift’s financial resources would involve themselves in.

There are plenty of flashy outfits on display as well, and overall, the video is a departure from the concept-driven clips she previously released for “Ready For It” and “Look What You Made Me Do,” instead opting for a more traditional “cool people doing cool things in cool places” music video vibe.

Swift is getting ready to travel the world again as her Reputation tour kicks off, even if sales may have been “a mega disappointment.” See where the tour ranks on our list of the most anticipated tours of 2018 here.