Taylor Swift Is A Dystopian Warrior Meeting Her Naked Robotic Self In The Dark ‘…Ready For It’ Video

Taylor Swift has been teasing the video for her new album Reputation‘s second single, “Ready For It” with some nude sci-fi clips, and now that the full thing is here, it does not disappoint. If you’ve seen Ex Machina, then some of this is going to look familiar.

Also directed by Joseph Kahn, the man behind her world-stopping, if short-lived No. 1 comeback single “Look What You Made Me Do,” the clip sees Tay going even darker than the zombiepocalypse of every iteration of Taylor that her first new video included.

So far, “Ready For It” has been the fan favorite off her new record, beating out “Gorgeous” by a landslide, and the video keeps up the song’s high stakes with a dark cloaked, defiant Taylor meeting a naked robotic Taylor, who then assumes her own robotic sheath, and the two battle it out.

Of course, only one Taylor can win, and it quickly becomes clear which of these two selves is stronger in the end. This is the second time in the album cycle that Taylor has used her video to indicate that her new album is going to be about inner battles and good versus evil, so that will probably be a major theme on the album. Look for much more from her in the coming weeks, and watch the new video above.