Taylor Swift’s ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ Video Breaks The 4th Wall In Every Way

After less than a week back in the music world, Taylor Swift has already created such a frenzy we needed a timeline just to keep everything straight. But it’s safe to say tonight’s premiere of her “Look What You Made Me Do” video quickly became the most exciting thing about the entire show.

After several controversies of late, including accusations that a clip from the teaser looked like it was from Beyonce’s “Formation,” the director of the clip Joseph Kahn stepped in to deny that it would be in “Bey’s art space.”

That was all proven true during the premiere of the video tonight early on during the show, it was much more grotesque and nightmarish than anyone would’ve expected from Taylor, and specifically addressed that old VMAs beef with Kanye by bringing in old visual tropes from Taylor’s own career, especially from the “You Belong To Me” video, which started it all.

The beginning of the clip also includes a shot of Taylor on a throne that’s slithered with snakes. Toward the end of the video a bunch of iterations of Taylor Swift all fight and mock one another. It’s definitely going to be stirring up even more conversation, watch it above.