Taylor Swift’s New Album ‘Reputation’ Is Coming This November

Taylor Swift’s new album will be called Reputation. She announced this on Instagram today with the above post. The album will be out November 10. See more posts with additional info below, including the fact that the first single will come tomorrow night.

Looking at the way her Instagram is set up now, it becomes clear that the three snake teasers she’s been sharing this week form one full picture of the creature.

And it’s possible that the photo she shared in her Instagram is the cover art, although with the way images are circulated now around release dates, it’s also highly possible it’s just Instagram art. However, she did make that photo her avatar on Twitter, where she’s also shared all the updates that were posted on Instagram:

It looks like the rollout for this record will be unfolding on social media, something that is relatively new for Taylor. After a whole bunch of drama with Kim and Kanye — and other criticism — Taylor has been mostly absent from the social platforms recently. That is definitely going to change now that she’s back in the middle of another album cycle. So keep refreshing those feeds, especially tomorrow night when we get our first taste of new music.