Taylor Swift’s New Music Teaser Looks Like It Could Be A Direct Response To Kim And Kanye

Rumors of Taylor Swift’s sixth album have been circling for a couple weeks now, and last week when she completely cleared all of her social media channels, it seemed to indicate that a new record was imminent. Today, amid rumors that she’d drop a new song around 2 PM EST, she posted this shaky clip to Twitter. Am I wrong in assuming it looks like… a snake? The emoji that’s been used profusely by fans of Kim and Kanye to attack Taylor for purportedly agreeing to Kanye’s “Famous” line and then doubling back on said promise?

If so, it seems like this album will very explicitly address all the drama. Not mad at that. In fact, my secret pet theory, as a major fan of both famous pop stars, is that Kanye West himself is on a song on this new record. That might be a reach, but hey, this whole thing might also be a set up to boost the album cycles of both artists.

Of course, it could be a totally different kind of reptile! It could be a lizard, or an alligator, or a very sparkly rope that just so happens to be striking and coiling like a snake does. All of this could be entirely in my head. Guess we’ll have to wait till the new song emerges later on today (hopefully) to find out for sure. Maybe Taylor is long past all of that, far far above it, and going to release something totally new and different.

Update: Well, another video teaser dropped today, making the snake part even more clear, and it sounds like the new single is going to be coming this Friday. Stay tuned and watch below.

Update: And yet another teaser shows that it’s definitely a snake, and that this new song might be a terrifying attack:

The new video must be coming very soon.