Critics Hate The Chainsmokers So Much Their Debut Is Currently Ranked As The Worst Album Of The Year

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Yes, it’s no surprise that music critics, harbingers of critical consensus, avid detesters of pop music, do not like The Chainsmokers debut album Memories… Do Not Open. Neither does the frontman of Filter, for whatever that’s worth. And let’s be real, the guys haven’t done a whole hell of a lot to make people like them.

They’ve flubbed a marquee live performance, and talked about unsavory subjects like getting famous solely to f*ck hot women, and how long their dicks would be if somehow combined into one large super-dick. Oh, and “super dick” is also a great way to describe how saying that kind of stuff in a cover story sounds.

Anyway, all of these factors combined with their album itself have resulted in an extremely low score on Metacritic for the album — actually, as Stereogum points out, it’s the lowest score any album has received so far this year.

Turns out, the second lowest is Ed Sheeran’s Divide, which I think sounds pretty great on the treadmill! I also was a fan of Memories… Do Not Open, or well, at least the first three singles really, especially the Coldplay one, but it looks like my review will remain one of the only positive ones for now. Not that what critics have to say have stopped The Chainsmokers from huge appearances like SNL and what is shaping up to be a No. 1 debut.