Filter’s Frontman Called The Chainsmokers ‘A Piece Of Sh*t’ After Watching Their ‘SNL’ Performance

There seems to be no single group evoking more ire from the world collectively than The Chainsmokers right now. It’s to the point that watching their recent SNL performance spurred Filter frontman, Richard Patrick, to post an Instagram video decrying the perceived lip syncing he saw going on. As Stereogum points out, Patrick posted a video featuring a quick clip of their toxic-relationship-touting “Break Up Every Night” and proceeded to tear it to shreds.

“Okay I know a lot of things…” Patrick says with the camera trained on the screen. “And I know when things are not live. You sir, [his finger enters the frame to point at Chainsmokers’ Andrew Taggart] are not f*cking singing live on Saturday Night Live. The Chainsmokers are a piece of shit. That is all.”

They’ve dealt with lip-syncing drama before. The funniest part of the whole clip may be that after delivering this tirade, he turns the performance back on and continues watching. So, if the entire world thinks their new album Memories… Do Not Open is just more sh*tty pop created to appease the masses, then why am I out here defending it as something I like? Well, it’s simple really — sometimes sh*tty pop music is exactly the fortress you need to escape the rest of the world. Patrick, clearly, does not agree. I would like to take this moment to state that the most common reference point I have for his band is a Toyota car commercial that featured “Take A Picture.”