Vampire Weekend Leaned Into Their Dad Rock Status And Covered Paul Simon’s ‘Late In The Evening’

At their “Three Little London Shows” mini-tour this week, Vampire Weekend dusted off some old covers and early career deep cuts. Though they’ve only got three albums out (their fourth, Father Of The Bride, is out later this spring) Vampire Weekend have a pretty extensive career. Their self-titled debut record was released 11 years ago, making me roughly one thousand years old today.

At their London shows, Vampire Weekend performed a couple covers that day-one fans will recognize immediately. They covered Fleetwood Mac’s “Everywhere” for the first time in a full decade on Saturday, and brought back their Contra-era version of Bruce Springsteen’s “I’m Goin Down.” The performance videos exist somewhere, I presume, but are either being held hostage by the fans who were lucky enough to be there or buried in YouTube search algorithms.

Vampire Weekend also debuted a new cover for their last London show. Their version of Paul Simon‘s “Late In The Evening” is predictably killer. VW have been embracing a more jam band, dad rock-esque sound in their new stuff, and it’s great to see them revisiting those old classics in this new context. The videos from the London show aren’t the greatest, full of all the trappings of live performance iPhone videos — too-loud singalongs, mediocre audio quality, shaky camera. But all the more incentive to release a studio version of the cover, right? Your move, Ezra Koenig.

Watch Vampire Weekend’s cover of “Late In The Evening” above.