Bootleg Kev Defends Wiz Khalifa For Dissing DJs In Los Angeles

On Friday, July 29, Wiz Khalifa was celebrating the release of his sixth album, Multiverse, at a show at the Poppy Nightclub in Los Angeles. It was doing well until he went on a ruthless rant about the DJs who were spinning music at the event that night, DJ Mike Danger and MC Tron.

“I came here tonight to promote for y’all and have a good ass time and have a great time, but you know what I’m not gonna do? I’m not gonna sit here and let these hoe ass n****s act like this sh*t is acceptable,” he said.

The rapper has been under fire for this outburst, but today radio host Bootleg Kev has taken to Twitter to defend him. “Let’s clear up this Wiz sh*t,” he wrote. “I was there with him, & the dj & host TERRIBLE. After f*cking up his performance (4-5x) he finally snapped. I’m not condoning him slapping the hat off or none of that, and I know he regrets that. But so much led up to that point.”

He added: “Context is IMPORTANT. After they abruptly cut the first record off & had some weird echo effect sh*t going on he stopped and was NICE. In this video he’s saying ‘let’s get on the same page, y’all got too many cooks in the kitchen.’” In the thread, he provided videos for evidence. Check it out below.