Yaeji’s Karaoke Mix Spotlights Her Versatility As A Singer And DJ

Micaiah Carter

New York-based electro-pop artist Yaeji is the latest artist to contribute to the Blowing Up The Workshop series. The singer-producer-visual-artist’s 40-minute mix is an eclectic collection, as she hums over everything from contemporary electronic to ’90s hip-hop. Yaeji calls the mix a “karaoke,” as she’s singing along to other songs, and it shows her talent and versatility as a DJ.

“I’ve always loved humming over my favorite tracks,” Yaeji said. “I think I’ve been doing this way before I even started writing my own music. Imagining how a track could evolve or transform by adding my voice became almost like a habit to me. I could collaborate with all my favorite producer heroes in my own little way. In this mix, I improvise vocals over a range of different tracks that I love.”

Yaeji released her new single “One More” back in September, and its trippy, stunning video earlier this month. Uproxx’s own Derrick Rossignol called the song “an airy and gentle song with a subtle but propulsive beat,” a continuation of the excellent and exciting sound she shared on 2017’s EP2. Along with the “One More” video, Yaeji announced a handful of Australia and US tour dates. Check them out here.

Listen to Yaeji’s karaoke mix for Blowing Up The Workshop below.