Yaeji’s ‘One More’ Video Is A Party-Lit Dream Full Of Alternate Selves

Singer, producer, and visual artist Yaeji has shared the video for her new song “One More.” The song builds from a quietly sung verses to a pounding house beat in the chorus, with Yaeji switching between verses in Korean and English. The contrast between her soft vocals and the beat is the sonic equivalent of the fuzzy, dreamy introspection of a party.

The video, directed by Alex Gvojic, captures that feeling and sound perfectly. Gvojic bathes Yaeji in cerulean and fuchsia light — or, more accurately, Gvojic bathes the multiple Yaejis in party lights. One wakes up, one feeds a fish, one is a DJ, and one dances like she’s lost but having a great time. It’s an uncanny dream of a video, all of the alternate Yaejis seeming lost and disconnected, walking right past each other. But the figures start dissolving in watery ripples, and once she’s out of her head, it becomes a real party full of other people.

“One More” is Yaeji’s first new single of 2018, following up her excellent 2017 EPs, Yaeji and EP2 and notable remixes, including one of Charli XCX’s “Focus.” The singer is about to embark on her first-ever tour of Australia, and she’s announced a few US dates in the spring, too. Watch the video for “One More” above, and check out Yaeji’s tour dates below.

12/1 — Sydney, NSW @ The Studio At Sydney Opera House
12/2 — Sydney, NSW @ Oxford Art Factory
12/5 — Melbourne, VIC @ Max Watt’s
12/6 — Melbourne, VIC @ Max Watt’s
12/7 — Meredith, VIC @ Meredith Music Festival
12/8 — Brisbane, QLD @ The TBC Club
2/16 — Miami, FL @ III Points
3/21 — Atlanta, GA @ Terminal West
3/22 — Austin, TX @ Scoot Inn