Young Nudy Releases His Food-Themed Album ‘Gumbo’ In Spite Of The Huge Leak Of Nearly 200 Of His Songs

Hip-hop has a long, proud tradition of rappers naming albums and song titles after foods. You may never find a better title in all of rap than MF DOOM’s “Rap Snitch Knishes.” The latest rap mainstay to join this proud history is Atlanta rapper Young Nudy, who released his new album, Gumbo, today after teasing its tracklist over the weekend.

Each song on the album is named after some kind of food, and many are named after ingredients in a good pot of the titular soup, including “Okra” and “Shrimp” (I don’t want to hear any argument about this; unless you have food allergies, your gumbo must include shrimp, or it ain’t gumbo). Other tracks are named for other dishes — “Pot Roast” which features Nudy’s fellow feature-reticent rapper Key Glock, a match made in heaven — or ingredients — “Portabella,” “Duck Meat,” and “Peaches & Eggplants,” the latest collab between Nudy and his cousin 21 Savage.

The impressive 13-track playlist only includes those two features and once again finds Nudy rapping over dizzyingly weird beats, which has become his signature. It’s even more impressive that he had these tracks ready to go so quickly after someone leaked nearly 200 of his tracks, prompting him to issue an ass-beating threat on social media — a rare interaction for Nudy. It’s also a quick turnaround from EA Monster, the collaborative tape he released with Pi’erre Bourne just this past August.

Gumbo is out now on RCA Records. You can listen to it below.