DJ Quik Recalls The Crazy Weekend Behind His Hit ‘Tonite’ And Shares His Favorite Hangover Cures

DJ Quik was the guest on People’s Party with Talib Kweli last week and he told a fantastic origin story of “Tonite,” the breakout hit from his 1991 debut album Quik Is the Name. In their sprawling — and story filled! — convo, Quik explained to Kweli and co-host Jasmin Leigh that the song was based on a real-life three-day party weekend he threw when he was only 18.

“That record made itself” Quick says. “I looped the beat, and we lived for a weekend while it played just on repeat on the SP 1200- in the little kitchen nook.”

Though the beat was ready, Quik wasn’t resolved on the lyrics and figured they would come to him as the weekend progressed. As the house party continued, he rotated in songs by En Vogue and Digital Underground, along with other jams from the era. After swimming in a sea of Super-Socko and gin (the original gin and juice for LA hood folks) he awakened to a frightening hangover from the night befor — knowing instantly he’d overdone it.

“I end up rappin’ a song about that whole weekend,” Quik continues. “Like Friday morning til Sunday. Prayin’ to God like ‘I’ll never drink again!’ It was Friday night when I had the hangover — here’s Saturday night and everybody had so much fun they’re like ‘Hey man we’re coming back over!'”

From there Kweli, Leigh, and DJ Quik have a hilarious conversation about various cures for hangovers. Everything from chef Anthony Bourdain’s favorite hangover cure to hood remedies are debated.

Listen to DJ Quik talk about his life as one of hip-hop’s most celebrated producers on People’s Party with Talib Kweli on Luminary or watch the full episode below.