Jpegmafia’s ‘People’s Party’ Interview Found Him Unexpectedly Throwing Up In Front Of His Hero

Usually, People’s Party interviews are marked by insightful discussion of current events and hip-hop nostalgia — with Talib Kweli hosting, how could they not be? However, in the latest episode featuring Jpegmafia, which does feature both of the usual highlights, something totally unexpected happens: The unconventional rapper enjoys a little too much of the Uproxx office’s fancy whiskey and spits a lot more than knowledge.

After dropping his first glass early in the episode, Peggy misses the warning signs and gets another, which results in the usual outcome that occurs when a self-declared “lightweight” gets over-served (if you have a strong stomach, the moment comes at 48:22 in the video above). While expressing how honored he is to be meeting his hero Kweli, Jpeg gets into an argument with the worms, prompting co-host Jasmin Leigh to jokingly wonder, “Who did that to this man?” while Kweli dances a little to lighten the mood.

After Jpeg shares his liquid scream with a nearby trash can, he sheepishly admits that “I’m a lightweight,” while Kweli compliments him for being “very rock-n-roll.” They get back to the discussion at hand without preamble: Online white supremacists — a topic that could make anyone sick.

Check out the full episode of Apple’s No. 1 music podcast above.

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