Adele Has A Finsta And A Fake Twitter Account For Tracking Rumors About Herself (And For Cat Content)

It’s always fun to learn that a celebrity has a fake social media account they use — so they can browse the internet free from the gaze of the public eye — and wonder what they use it for. Well, we can add another household name to the list of celebrities browsing the internet anonymously, as Adele has revealed she has both a fake Instagram account (aka a “Finsta”) and a fake Twitter profile.

In a new Rolling Stone feature, Adele claims that she’s quite the online sleuth, saying, “I know how to trace something online, like no one’s business, back to the original source or leak, more than anyone on my team.” The piece goes on to note, “She has a ‘finsta’ — fake Instagram — she uses to check out cat and interior-design content, and a fake Twitter for checking on what’s come out about her. She’s been keeping tabs on information leaking about the real 30, free from any duets outside of a deluxe-edition version of ‘Easy On Me’ featuring Chris Stapleton.”

The feature also describes Adele showing off her favorite tweet about album announcement rumors:

“Adele pulls out her phone to find her favorite Tweet from the fervor over the fake album announcement. She searches the user @keyon, whose display name is ‘HOOD VOGUE is tired of poverty.’ He called bullsh*t on the information quickly, noting that Adele famously does not do features. ‘He is so funny. I was like, ‘See, that’s a fan,” she says, scrolling through her phone. ‘If anything’s blowing up on Twitter, I always go straight to that account because I know he’ll either be like, ‘Oh, this could be real,’ or he’s like, ‘This is fake.”

A couple of hours after we part ways, she’ll forward another tweet to me, with her name in bold from the search she pulled up on Twitter. ‘Can someone wake Adele up and tell her she’s coming Friday I don’t think she knows,’ it reads, a sly reference to the fact that maybe, just maybe, the internet sleuths have it wrong and 30 is not, in fact, coming out that week.”

Check out the full feature here.