Adele’s Manager Hints The Singer Is Releasing New Music In 2020

It has been five years since Adele released her most recent album, 25, and fans have been anxious for its follow-up ever since. But it seems as though fans won’t have to wait too much longer for new music from Adele, as her manager just dropped a big hint.

In an interview with Music Week, Adele’s managers, Jonathan and Lucy Dickins, said new music is on its way. Both hinted that new recordings will surface in 2020, “and the sooner the better.”

“Adele opened doors for a lot of artists,” Jonathan said elsewhere in the interview. Both Lucy and Jonathan debate who “discovered” Adele first, but Jonathan told the publication how he remembers hearing her music for the first time. “Someone said that I should check her out,” said Jonathan. “At the time my office was my house and she came for tea, I met her there and we started working together.”

Lucy’s recollection was a bit more detailed. “I met her through a friend who came with her and I’ll never forget it,” Lucy said. “She said she was a singer and said, ‘Do you want a CD?’ I said yes, and she turned to the other person and said, ‘Oi, give me back my CD, I want to give it to her.’ And after the first song I played, I said, ‘This is insane,’ so I called Jonathan.”

While Adele hasn’t confirmed if 2020 is the year for new music, it looks promising. Ahead of the interview with the Dickins, Adele dropped hints about her record in a coy Instagram post. “Bunch of f*cking savages, 30 will be a drum n bass record to spite you,” the singer joked.

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