Adele Seemingly Confirms That She And Rich Paul Moved In Together With Joyful New Photos

“Time flies.” That’s what Adele wrote on her latest Instagram post featuring a series of photos of her and boyfriend Rich Paul, beginning with the two of them holding up keys in front of a large new mansion. By all accounts, pop music and sports’ sweetest crossover couple has moved in together. Paul, of course, co-founded Klutch Sports with his childhood friend LeBron James and also represents other stars like Anthony Davis and Ben Simmons. Together, Adele and Paul are nothing short of the pop culture power couple and after saying in February on The Graham Norton Show that she wants to have another baby this year, they appear to be taking the next step towards that by moving in together.

Among the other photos that Adele shared in the Instagram post, is a shot of Paul visiting her at a McDonald’s where she was promoting the release of 30, a pic of the pair kissing backstage, and Adele holding up a fortune from a cookie that reads, “You have found good company — enjoy.” Adele, who recently turned 34, expressed last week, “I’ve never been happier!”

She and Paul also appear to be engaged, as Adele has been seen sporting a large engagement ring. She dodged a point-blank question about the engagement on The Graham Norton Show show, however, saying, “If I was, would I ever tell anyone if I was or wasn’t?” Meanwhile, she’s set to move her previously cancelled Las Vegas residency to a new venue.