Adele Is Reportedly Finalizing A Deal To Move Her Postponed Las Vegas Residency To A New Venue

When Adele dropped her fourth album 30 last fall, there were probably a few things she wanted to check off on her bucket list. Some of them might have included getting a No. 1 album and song, the latter of which she did with “Easy On Me.” Adele also wanted to take over Las Vegas for an exciting residency that was set to start at the beginning of the year. However, Adele was unfortunately forced to postpone the Weekends With Adele residency, which was slated to take over The Colosseum at Caesars Palace, due to COVID delays which she explained in a tearful apology video.

Since postponing the Weekends With Adele residency, there hasn’t been much word on when the residency will go down, but thanks to a new update from TMZ, it may be a lot sooner than later. The publication says “sources with direct knowledge of the singer’s plans” tell them that Adele and her team are reportedly engaged in serious talks to move the residency from The Colosseum to Planet Hollywood. As a result of this alleged move, Adele would do the show at Zappos Theater so long as nothing causes another delay.

TMZ says that the potential show at Zappos Theater comes with some sweet perks for Adele. First, she’ll have full creative control over the show, and secondly, Adele will also take home a larger cut of ticket sales which will certainly put more in her pocket as Zappos holds 7,000 people compared to The Colosseum’s 4,100. A date for the residency’s return has yet to be revealed, but the goal is to reportedly kick things off late in the summer for a string of shows that will continue through the end of 2022.

The news arrives after it said that Adele reportedly has a documentary about her Las Vegas residency in the works.