Can Someone Please Explain The Plot Of The New ‘Fantastic Beasts’ To Anitta?

Anitta is riding a high from her breakthrough Coachella performances and the release of her latest album, Versions Of Me. So how does the Brazilian pop star celebrate the two biggest weeks of her career? By going to the movies to see Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets Of Dumbledore, of course (celebrities: they’re just like us!)

The thing is, Anitta grew up in Brazil and was used to watching movies in English with Portuguese subtitles. And it’s not that she doesn’t have a good understanding of the English language, but subtitles help non-native speakers better understand dialogue nuance (hat tip to Bong Joon Ho), especially if the audio isn’t always crystal clear (hello special effects and spatial sound!) So Anitta went to see the Harry Potter universe wizardry film, but missed a couple of core elements of the plot and needs some help. In a pair of tweets, she said (translated from Portuguese):

“Spoiler alert…hey peeps…can somebody who’s already sees The Secrets Of Dumbledore help me with his one… I went yesterday, but I was with a big group and the sound was low and there were no subtitles it was all in English… anyways, I missed two explanations… How and why did their sister die? Yes, I get that she was also an Obscurial. But I didn’t understand the broad point. I also missed the explanation about why Credence’s Dad abandoned him?”

So without spoiling the answers to her questions, feel free to help a movie buff out and holler @Anitta. Fans already are and the replies are all over the map, and often not relevant at all…or are they?