Ariana Grande And Justin Bieber Celebrate Mother’s Day In A Special ‘Stuck With U’ Video

Last week, Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber dropped a video for their new collaboration, “Stuck With U.” The visual featured submitted footage from a bunch of fans dancing to the song, including more than a handful of famous faces (but not Carole Baskin). Now the pair have decided to commemorate Mother’s Day with a new video for the song, which focuses on the bond between mothers and their children.

On Sunday, Bieber took to Twitter to ask his fans, “Please send @AlfredoFlores your #stuckwithuMom videos. Happy Mother’s Day :).” He later tweeted, “Hope everyone had the best Mother’s Day . Thank you for sending in all your #stuckwithumom videos. Me and the team are going to give you something special tomorrow to remember this moment.” After the video was released, he wrote, “It’s out! Thanks for sending in all the #stuckwithumom videos. Thousands of you did. Really special. Made this for you guys and all the amazing moms and one special dad. #stuckwithu Mother’s Day video is out now Thanks.”

Grande also marked Mother’s Day by sharing an adorable old photo of her and her mother kissing.

Bieber previously noted that “proceeds from the sales and streams of #StuckwithU will fund grants and scholarships for children of first responders who have been impacted by COVID-19.” So, watch the Mother’s Day edition “Stuck With U” video above.