Ariana Grande Addressed The ‘Bad Songs’ And ‘Bullsh*t Demos’ Of Hers That Recently Leaked

Last month, a bunch of unreleased Ariana Grande songs leaked online, with one Reddit poster noting the tunes, of which there are “more than 18,” come “from basically every era” of her career. Now, Grande has addressed the leak in a new R.E.M. Beauty video.

In the clip, she applies various makeup products and answers fan questions. At one point, Grande says, “You guys have heard every bad song and bullsh*t demo that I’ve ever made. Hilarious. It’s impossible to keep things from you. You gotta take some swings and misses.” Later, at the end of the video, Grande was asked, “Any secrets soon to come?” She responded, “Hmm… no secrets. I’m all out of secrets. You’ve stolen all my unreleased music, it’s horrible [laughs].”

Elsewhere in the video, she noted of how things are going in general, “Life is beautiful and surreal and I’m learning so much, and I’m growing so much right now, and I’m working my ass off, and I’m enjoying and savoring every moment of it as much as I possibly can. So yeah, very grateful.”

She also offered an update on her pet pig Piggy Smallz, saying, “Piggy is with the twins [dancers Brian and Scott Nicholson] right now, staying with my siblings while I am away, and she is being taken such good care of, and she is happy, healthy, and thriving. Brian makes her the most beautiful dinners and they’re taking such good care of her. She’s very happy. I miss her a lot. Unfortunately, she couldn’t make the flight. She was busy, she couldn’t get on the plane to London. She had a lot of meetings that day.”