Ariana Grande Fans Are Blown Away By The High Whistle Notes She Hits In ‘My Hair’

Ariana Grande’s new album Positions dropped at midnight, and in the hours since, it has spawned multiple trending topics on Twitter. The song “My Hair” is among them and it’s due to the impressive vocal abilities Grande displays on the track. Towards the end of the song, there’s a section where Grande hits uncommonly high notes while singing in whistle register, which is the highest possible register of the human voice.

When fans heard this, they were pretty amazed and took to Twitter to share their reactions, which was a mix of shock at her abilities and jokes about her being out of breath after recording that part of the song.

As for the rest of the track, it’s about Grande opening up to a special someone and being vulnerable by letting them run their fingers through her hair, as she sings on the second verse, “It’s been way long overdue / Just like these inches down my back / Usually don’t let people touch it / But tonight, you’ll get a pass / Spend my dimes and spend my time / To keep it real, sometimes it’s tracks / But I don’t care.”

Listen to “My Hair” above and check out some more reactions below.

Positions is out now via Republic. Get it here.