Ariana Grande Confirms The Title And Release Date Of Her Sixth Album

A week or so ago, Ariana Grande took to Twitter to declare that she would have a new album out before the end of October, tweeting, “i can’t wait to give u my album this month.” She sent that tweet on October 14, so that gave her about two weeks to make an official announcement or release the album without any notice. Grande opted for the former route: Today, she confirmed that her sixth album will be titled Positions (making her new single the title track) and that it will be released on October 30. She also shared the cover art, which features a close-up portrait of Grande.

Since Grande didn’t release the album today (the last Friday of October), fans who were holding her to the promise of having an album out this month were excited when it was all but confirmed the record would be out next Friday. A fan tweeted at Grande, “and now we only have to wait one week til the album? spoiled brats.” Grande all but confirmed the news in her reply, writing, “i’m so excited. love u.”

There is no released tracklist for the album yet, so right now, all that’s confirmed (pretty much, anyway) is that “Positions” will be on the album.

Positions is out 10/30 via Republic Records. Pre-order it here.