Bebe Rexha Thinks Instagram Should Ban The Guy Who Exposed Himself During Her Live

Bebe Rexha and her fans got a nasty surprise today when a guy decided to expose himself during her Instagram Live. The pop star was connecting with fans on social media and raising awareness for her new single, “Sacrifice,” which will be out this Friday when the incident took place. Pop Crave has captured the video of Rexha on her Instagram stories after the fact apologizing to fans who might have seen the indecent images, and also fired off several tweets about finding out who was behind the prank and getting his access to social platforms removed.

Hopefully she does succeed in getting the offended user suspended or at least investigated for misusing the platform in this way. Especially for a man to come onto a woman’s Instagram and expose himself — potentially to underage female fans of Rexha — the act is particularly disgusting. Bebe gets the last word, though, by letting her followers know she’s surprised he even wanted to show them what he was working with, as she declared it wasn’t very impressive. Since people who engage in chaotic behavior like this for attention usually are very insecure, that comment probably hits him where it hurts. Anyway, look out for Bebe’s new single out later tonight.