All The Best New Pop Music From This Week

This week was a comedown from the high of Beyonce’s massive Renaissance, but we were lucky enough to experience some great releases to keep us preoccupied. From the release of another new Carly Rae Jepsen track to another stunning single from Niki ahead of her forthcoming LP Nicole, there was a lot of cool stuff going on.

Each week, Uproxx rounds up the best new pop releases. Listen up.

Omar Apollo — “Highlight”

As Omar Apollo prepares for the release of Ivory (Marfil), he’s giving fans a taste with “Highlight.” It flaunts his flirty attitude with a groovy sound and inviting lyrics: “You’re the only one that holds me / Yeah, I know you’re feeling paranoia / Are you in love, ’cause I wanna try,” he sings.

Remi Wolf — “Pink + White” (Frank Ocean Cover)

Before Frank Ocean announced his $26,000 c*ck ring, Remi Wolf shared a soothing rendition of the singer’s sprawling song “Pink + White” from his iconic last LP Blonde. It’s a hard cover to pull off, but Wolf does it justice with her gorgeous soprano.

Niki — “High School In Jakarta”

Niki’s conversational, detailed approach to songwriting gives “High School In Jakarta” a warm, welcoming texture that also intensifies the themes of youth and heartbreak. She makes the listener feel like a friend, and her insights into her own life are as universal as they are personal.

Carly Rae Jepsen — “Beach House”

Following “Western Wind” is this funky song called “Beach House,” which proves that she hasn’t lost any of her catchy melodies or whimsical lyrics. Her personality is as funny and entertaining as ever as she details exchanges with guys that went wrong for various reasons, and she’s able to make light out of all of it.

Olivia O’Brien, Fletcher — “B*tch Back”

After the unleashing of Fletcher’s controversial “Becky’s So Hot,” she’s teaming up with Olivia O’Brien for “B*tch Back.” It’s as mischievous as her last track off the bat: “Remember Ibiza, ’cause I don’t either / But I know we had a f*cking blast,” O’Brien sings. It serves as an anthemic ode to reckless female friendships.

Empress Of — “Turn The Table”

Empress Of always impresses with her radiant, silky vocals, but “Turn The Table” is packed with pleasant elements, like celestial synths and vivid lyricism. Everything about it is hypnotic with a memorable, colorful chorus.

Mxmtoon — “Kaleidoscope”

“Kaleidoscope” is a dreamy earworm that’s as resistant as it is beautiful: “I was born in a box / And taught to be soft / Learn to draw within the lines / Only speak when you’re asked,” she sings before launching into an ebullient chorus about being free and uncontained.

Lauv — “Stranger”

Lauv’s new track “Stranger” is about being jaded when it comes to romance, but still trying anyway. From the start, he sounds tired and drained: “So what if this is it? / What if it falls apart in front of my face?” he sings, but by the end passion enters his voice and he’s still singing in spite of everything.

Calvin Harris, Charlie Puth, Shenseea — “Obsessed”

Calvin Harris, Charlie Puth, and Shenseea have joined forces for an eclectic track against a jaunty piano tune. Shenseea’s flow keeps it upbeat and enthralling, whereas Puth adds a layer of bittersweetness, making for an engaging collaboration.

Zachary Knowles — “Crush”

This pulsating new song by Zachary Knowles is vulnerable, starting off slow but amping up in the chorus as his desire intensifies. “I’m sorry if I fall back in love when we both talk,” he admits with a sticky melody over a groovy rhythm.

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