Frank Ocean Launches A Luxury C*ck Ring For Nearly $26,000

While it may be a while until we get new music from Frank Ocean, the Blonde singer is tiding us over with some interesting new merch. Through his luxury brand, Homer, which he launched last year, Ocean is selling a c*ck ring.

The XXXL H-Bone Ring is comprised of 60 “lab-grown” princess cut diamonds, according to the Homer website, and rings in at $25,570.

In addition to the c*ck ring, Ocean is selling other luxury items, including a $3,100 A-OK Keychain and a $9,825 Dolly Llama keychain.

In an Instagram post announcing the collection, Ocean revealed he had plans to go on tour in 2020, however, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic quickly put a damper on those plans. “Wigging w/ multiple fans blowing thru my hair + hoodie from tour that Covid cancelled back in some sketches from my desk a couple months ago and a buss down Homer bday cake. Love u see u.”

At the time of writing, Ocean has yet to announce a new project, however, we’re certain new music is imminent. In an interview with Los Angeles Times, Coachella festival co-founder Paul Tollett revealed Ocean will headline Coachella next year.

“Right now, it’s the Wild West. I’m just trying to be as fair as I can to artists and to the fans to make sure that eventually, they get to see everyone that we talked about.”