All The Best New Pop Music From This Week

From Post Malone announcing his new engagement and the birth of his baby daughter to the chaotic crashing of Britney Spears’ wedding by her ex-boyfriend, a lot of things went on this past week. Most importantly, though, we were blessed with new songs from some of the best pop sensations, including Halsey, Demi Lovato, Lizzo, BTS, and more.

Each week, Uproxx rounds up the best new pop releases. Listen up.

Halsey – “So Good”

After publicly accusing their label of not letting them release this song until it had a “viral moment” on TikTok, Halsey has finally unveiled “So Good.” Their storytelling is at the forefront of the track; the heartbreak and feeling of betrayal is undeniably powerful: “Maria calls me and she says she’s gettin’ married / She asked me if there’s any extra weight I carry / And do I think about the one that got away,” they sing.

Demi Lovato – “Skin Of My Teeth”

Diehard Demi Lovato fans know that the “Heart Attack” singer’s pivot to heavier, edgier pop is more of a return to roots. “Skin Of My Teeth,” though, is better than anything they’ve ever released, strengthened by complete vulnerability and bravery. They’re confident and honest, making the song absolutely impactful.

Lizzo – “Grrrls”

Lizzo’s feel-good anthems keep getting better. “About Damn Time” has taken over the world with its playful and catchy vibes, and this new hit “Grrrls” leans into unabashed idiosyncrasy and humor while also keeping the theme of friendship at the center.

BTS – “Yet To Come”

This new hit from BTS is instantly wistful as the members reflect on the past and the fleeting nature of everything. But as the song moves forward, buoyed by their bewitching voices, hope seeps in and prevails. The repetition of the refrain “The moment is yet to come” is inspiring, shedding light on the importance of gratitude and optimism.

George Ezra – “Dance All Over Me”

George Ezra’s new single “Dance All Over Me” is a sonorous, jangly anthem that thrives through simplicity. Ezra repeats over and over: “Dance, dance, dance / Let it be, be, be / Dance all over me,” and his voice is so distinct and urgent that he almost puts the listener in a hypnotic daze.

Joji – “Glimpse Of Us”

Off the bat, Joji’s new song “Glimpse Of Us” is unafraid of vulnerability. The intimate piano ballad depicts heartbreak so vividly that it feels contagious: “Maybe one day you’ll feel lonely / And in his eyes, you’ll get a glimpse / Maybe you’ll start slipping slowly / And find me again,” he croons achingly.

Marshmello, Khalid – “Numb”

Marshmello and Khalid prove to be a perfect match for this collaboration “Numb.” Marshmello’s irresistibly upbeat and unique beats mixed with Khalid’s one-of-a-kind voice and succinct lyrics make for a great spurt of pop. At less than three minutes, it makes sure every second is worth it.

Dixie – “Someone To Blame”

Dixie, known for her TikTok personality as a D’Amelio sister, is proving that she can craft a catchy, meaningful pop song with “Someone To Blame,” which calls out unnecessary drama: “Guess you need another villain for your story / God knows without it, that sh*t would be boring,” she sings. Along with the detailed lyrics, it has a sticky, pleasant melody.

Mia Rodriguez – “Superglue”

19-year-old singer Mia Rodriguez’s new song “Superglue” instantly hooks the listener in with its eccentric, hyperpop-esque atmosphere that’s not worried about speed. It’s simultaneously lively and tame; her voice imbues the track with energy, and her lyrics add a layer of relatability: “Why is it the hardest thing to do / To let somebody love you?”

Grace Ives – “Lazy Day”

Janky Star is the title of Graces Ives’ new album, and it aptly captures the aura of her music. It’s messy, but that’s what makes it good; the chaos is completely original, like in this stunning, transcendent track “Lazy Day,” whose synths meld with her hums to create a beautiful wall of sound.

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