Beyonce, Adele, And Chris Martin Are Reportedly All On A New Song Together

It’s easily argued that Ryan Tedder’s work as a songwriter has overshadowed his also-very-successful output with his band OneRepublic: He was worked with people like Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood, Leona Lewis, Beyonce, and Adele on some iconic songs. OneRepublic has a new album on the horizon, and thanks to Tedder’s connections, one of its songs apparently features an impressive roster of collaborators.

In a new interview with Z100, Tedder spoke about the band’s new album, and revealed, “We have one song featuring Beyonce and Adele, with a Chris Martin piano solo in the bridge.”

As big a get as this trio would be, it’s not outlandish. Again, Tedder has collaborated with them all before: He worked with Beyonce on “Halo,” “XO,” and “I Was Here,” and he also teamed up with Adele for “Rumor Has It,” “Turning Tables,” and “Remedy.” Additionally, Tedder and the members of Coldplay are also all credited as writers on the K’naan song “Better.”

If this song ends up being released, it would be the first new music from Adele in a while. Her last musical output was her 2015 album 25, which, like 21 before it, topped the charts in virtually every country.

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