Billie Eilish Gave A Fiery Rendition Of ‘Therefore I Am’ For Her 2020 AMAs Performance

Ever since Billie Eilish took home Grammy Awards in four of the major categories earlier this year, many have been waiting to see where the singer will take her career. So far in 2020, Eilish has released a couple of one-off singles, including the theme song to the upcoming James Bond movie. But Eilish returned last week with the new thumping track “Therefore I Am,” and brought the tune to the 2020 AMAs stage Sunday night.

Appearing in a outfit similar to the one she wore for her recent video, Eilish brought fiery energy to her “Therefore I Am” performance. The singer made her way throughout a lit-up maze while delivering her single’s kiss-off lyrics with gusto.

While many are hopeful that Eilish’s new single signals the beginning of a new era, the singer hasn’t offered much in the form of confirmation. However, Eilish’s brother and producer Finneas did recently reveal a few details about her next release. “Billie’s album, and my album, they won’t be a bummer COVID record,” Finneas said. “I have a desperate desire not to release them during COVID-19. It’s the vaccine record! I want it to be the album everyone’s out dancing in the streets to.”

Watch Eilish perform “Therefore I Am” at the 2020 AMAs above.