Billie Eilish Has An Empty Mall All To Herself In Her ‘Therefore I Am’ Video

Earlier this week, Billie Eilish teased a new single, “Therefore I Am.” Now, right on schedule, the song has arrived and it’s accompanied by a self-directed video.

The tune features the classic Eilish combination of bounciness and dark edge, and she sings on the hook, “I’m not your friend or anything / Damn, you think that you’re the man / I think, therefore, I am.”

The video starts with Eilish silently walking through an empty mall… the Glendale Galleria, specifically, a spot where Eilish spent plenty of time in her early teenage years. Eventually, the song kicks in, at which point Eilish runs through the mall, sings the song at the camera, and snags free pretzels, donuts, and other food court fare. At the end of the clip, somebody who is presumably a security guard shouts at Eilish to leave, and she runs out of the building with a smile.

There isn’t any sort of concrete news about a new album from Eilish yet, although Finneas recently revealed when he hopes Eilish’s next LP will be released, saying, “Billie’s album, and my album, they won’t be a bummer COVID record. I have a desperate desire not to release them during COVID-19. It’s the vaccine record! I want it to be the album everyone’s out dancing in the streets to.”

Watch the “Therefore I Am” video above.