Billie Eilish Collaborated With Air Jordan On Two Pairs Of Custom Sneakers

Billie Eilish has quickly become one of the biggest pop stars on the planet, as her debut album, subsequent documentary, and this year’s second album have revealed. She might be young, but she’s got her career under control, and seems to be very involved with all the collaborations and partnerships that are coming her way after the industry success she’s experiencing.

Today’s new partnership, though, might be one of the most high-profile she’s done — a collaboration with Michael Jordan on not one but two Jordan silhouettes. While it might be par for the course for a rapper with the kind of reputation Billie has to be working on sneakers with MJ’s brand, it’s pretty rare for a pop star! She’s definitely showing her range with the partnership, and the two sneakers are very different, just like her two albums are. Take a sneak peek below:

One set is the lime green color that permeated her When We All Fall Asleep Where Do We Go debut album era, and the second is a deep, warm beige, the overarching palette of her Happier Than Ever record that dropped just a few months ago. Both shoes are available for purchase right now on her website. Check them out here.