Billie Eilish Needed To Know How Loud Conan O’Brien Can Shout And He Delivered, Much To Her Delight

Today (March 28), Conan O’Brien dropped a new episode of his Conan Needs A Friend podcast, featuring singer Billie Eilish, and her brother, producer, songwriter, and singer, Finneas.

During the interview, Finneas recalled purchasing a toy guitar, inspired by the Disney-Pixar movie, Coco. Eilish then noted that she and Finneas used the guitar to record her hit single, “Happier Than Ever.

O’Brien then shared one of his favorite guitar moves with the musician siblings, saying, “There’s this famous shot of The Ramones on their way to a gig in like, ’76, and they don’t have guitar cases. They have their guitar’s in sh*tty shopping bags.”

He then imitated the band’s lead vocalist Joey Ramone, shouting “Dee Dee! Where’s Dee Dee? Let’s go.”

This prompted Eilish to ask O’Brien how loud he can shout.

“I would like it if you’d sit in the corner and shouted as loud as you could,” said Eilish. “I want to hear those pipes.”

“Alright, f*ck it,” O’Brien said, as he walked to the corner of the room.

He then shouted with great fervor, as Eilish and Finneas were laughing uncontrollably.

“This is one of the weirdest moments of my life,” said Finneas, as he was laughing.

You can check out the interview above.