Finneas Had A Succinct Response To A Fan Claiming New Billie Eilish Music Should Be Out By Now

If you’re waiting for new music from Billie Eilish, you probably shouldn’t hold your breath. As we are a few months away from the two-year anniversary of her sophomore album, Happier Than Ever, anticipation is high for Eilish’s new era.

In December 2021, just months after the release of Happier Than Ever, her producer and brother Finneas revealed in an interview with Rolling Stone that he and Eilish had begun working on her follow-up album.

“We’ve got the net in the ocean, and we’re picking up detritus,” said Finneas. “And then you sift through all that, and you pick out the treasure, and then you have an album. I’m really excited. I think we’ve got a lot to say.”

More than a year after the interview, fans are antsy for new music. Yesterday (March 7), a fan resurfaced the interview, calling attention to the time that has passed since.

“it’s been one year and three months since this interview, you lie as much as your sister,” said the fan to Finneas.

Finneas, not one to mince words, offered a response to the fan, simply saying, “Great things take time.”

Though, if Eilish’s upcoming album follows the same two-year pattern between her 2017 EP Don’t Smile At Me, her 2019 debut album When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?, and 2021’s Happier Than Ever, we may be getting a new album from her as early as this year. She also dropped off the three-track Guitar Songs EP in July 2022.