Billie Eilish Was All Smiles Dancing Along To Her Own Song At An LA Dodgers Game

Let’s not forget how big Billie Eilish’sBad Guy” was: It was her breakout single, it’s certified 6-times Platinum, it was her first (and so far only) No. 1 hit, and it managed to end the historic No. 1 run of Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road.” It remains her most popular song, so when Eilish attended yesterday’s Los Angeles Dodgers home game, whoever’s in charge of the PA speaker had some fun and played the song.

Eilish was into it, too, as she and the friends she was there with were seen on the game broadcast dancing along as “Bad Guy” played. Finneas was there, too, and is seated in the clip, but before you call him a bad sport for not letting loose and getting his groove on, at the start of the clip, he appears to have just sat down, so perhaps he got all his dancing in before the camera was on him.

Dancing in front of (or technically, in) a crowd like that is Eilish’s wheelhouse: In a recent interview, she noted that she believes she’s a stronger performer than she is a songwriter. In that same conversation, she also reminisced about telling “these motherf*ckers” to “shut the f*ck up” so she could hear Harry Styles debut a new song at Coachella.