Billie Eilish Discusses The Lack Of Female Performers At Music Festivals: ‘It’s So Male-Dominated’

Billie Eilish may be one of the youngest stars to break into stardom as of late, but she’s definitely one of the wisest. The “Bad Guy” singer has always been vocal about her qualms with the music industry, like when she was reluctant to accept her Grammy because of the accusations of unfair voting and a toxic culture at the organization. In a new interview with NME, she discussed the lack of representation for women at music festivals.

“It’s so cool to be a young woman and headline festivals, because it’s so male-dominated,” she said. “I went through a rough patch in 2017 and 2018, feeling hopeless about the future of women in music. I would see these line-ups for festivals and it was all dudes. And it was all artists I liked, but it was just like, ‘When will women be involved?’”

She added: “Women have to have a million back-up dancers and a million costume changes and their hair done, and crazy costumes and stage set-up. I love male performers, but they barely have to do shit to have a show that people like, and women are expected to have the biggest show. I’m tired of feeling like we have to do that to feel adequate. If you want to do that, then that’s so great, but I remember thinking that I would never be able to headline anything because of those expectations.”